First clearing accounts

For client accounts managed by Penney Financial, LLC, we utilize a large multi-billion dollar custodian to hold client accounts.  We are completely independent of First Clearing and only serve as an asset manager for our clients.  You can access statements, tax documents and transaction history for all First Clearing accounts.

Fidelity Charitable Accounts

For client charitable assets managed by Penney Financial, LLC, and held at Fidelity, we have partnered with one of the largest charitable service providers to better serve our charitably-inclined clients.  You can access statements, make charitable grants and review transaction history for all Fidelity Charitable accounts.

Client Portal

The Client Portal is the pinnacle of wealth management oversight; it allows you to see your entire financial picture at once -- including businesses, Trusts, real estate and other assets/liabilities you own and operate.  Use this portal to view your net worth, run financial planning reports, securely share files and manage a budget all in one place.