The Young Professional

Mr. and Mrs. Young (Age: early 30's)

Net Worth: $200,000

Mr. and Mrs. Young would like to plan for their long-term goals.  Mr. Young is an accountant, while Mrs. Young is a nurse at a local hospital.  

They paid off their student loans, bought a house, and had two children in the past 5 years.  Mr. Young is moving from a big accounting firm to be a finance manager at a software company, so he would like to review his new compensation, benefits, and stock purchase plans. 

Mr. Young's college friend sold them life insurance and 2 Roth IRA mutual fund accounts several years ago; however, they would like to review and analyze all of their insurance coverage and investment recommendations with someone who is not selling financial products for commission.

Mrs. Young is considering staying at home with the kids or moving to part-time in the next year, so they would like advice on health insurance and other factors to consider in this decision.

They would also like assistance with estate planning and ensuring that guardianship provisions are in place for their two children in case of their simultaneous premature death.

The Pre-Retiree

Mr. and Mrs. Engineer (Age: early 60's)

Net Worth: $3 million

Mr. Engineer is considering retirement after 40 years of service at XYZ Oil and Gas in Houston.  They are moving to California to be closer to their children and grandchildren.  

With his pension, 401(k) and company stock, they feel they have accumulated enough assets to retire, but they would like assistance with a tax-efficient retirement income strategy and a strategic asset allocation. 

They would also like to review a detailed cash flow analysis for the next several years, including his pension options, accrued bonuses and vesting restricted stock grants. 

In addition, they would like to review their estate plan, model the impact of California's state income tax on their retirement income and measure the feasibility of additionally keeping their home here in Houston.  

If feasible, additional goals include: funding their grandchildren's education and accomplishing several charitable initiatives over the next few years.