WE are your trusted confidant

Asset Management

We manage our client's portfolios, so they can have peace-of-mind and spend time with the activities they enjoy.

We help clients separate their emotions from portfolio decisions.

We believe investment expenses matter, which is why our fees are among the lowest in the industry -- from 0.65% to 0.35%.

We believe in long-term investing, however, we realize that client's lives are finite, and that risk management adds value.

We believe that attempting to 'time' the market is an exercise in frustration and futility.

Ongoing Financial Planning

We believe true wealth management is the coordination of Asset Management and Financial Planning, which is why our Asset Management fees include Ongoing Financial Planning.

We collaborate with you to create a 12-month Planning Agenda tailored to your financial situation.

We believe that ALL of your assets - including real estate, 401(k) Plans, and business interests - should be reviewed regularly.

We provide specific consultations as financial issues comes up ... because life happens.


Additional Services included

Meetings with other Advisers (Tax Preparer, Estate Attorney, etc.)

One-on-One Financial Education with Children and/or Grandchildren

Cloud Storage for Personal Documents